Welcome to “Japanese-style Izakaya The third  Hyorokudama”Web Site.

We offer a wide selection of seasonal-ingredients for our various dishes.
Also, we have available a variety of limited-production Sake for the Shonai area.

Our Maitre’D specializes in pouring Premium Malts.
So, the Ultimate Beer is prepared and awaiting your visit to Sakata!

Requested guidelines for your behavior in our restaurant.

We accept payments in Japanese Yen only – Cash or Credit Card..

There are no discounts on any food or drink items on the menu.

You need someone in your party who can speak Japanese.

We do not accept orders for drinks only, you must order food also.

No outside food or drink is allowed in the Restaurant.

Please do not speak loudly or sing in our Restaurant.

Please be considerate of other parties.

Photography is prohibited, so please ask permission from our staff before you take any photos.

Please do not enter the kitchen or any areas marked “Private”.

Please do not remove any items owned by the Restaurant.

Please do not write on the Restaurant walls or menus.

Please do not visit around to other parties you do not know.

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